Top 5 Things to Bring with You on a Safari

Once you have made up your mind to go on a safari the following are some of the essential things that you will need to carry:

  1. Travelling paperwork: Passport, travel insurance documents, tickets and itinerary

Some of this looks pretty obvious, but it would not make sense if these documents are not prioritized when packing for a safari.

  1. Medicine that has been prescribed to you in case you are unwell, Preventive Medication and prescription glasses

It is crucial that you pack your medicine in your hand luggage just in case your check-in luggage gets lost and ensure that you pack enough to last the entire safari. Most of the hospitals in this part of the world do not have the medication that you may require and it is necessary that you carry your pills with you.

Just in case the worst happens it is important to carry hand sanitizers, heartburn medication, painkillers, insect repellents, antihistamines and most important anti-malarial tablets.

These safari destinations do not have any opticians nearby and it would be very sad if you are unable to clearly see wilderness and what it has to offer. For those who wear prescription glasses, ensure that you pack an additional set just in case something happens to them. Since you will be outdoors most of the time it is important that you carry a hat, sunblock, lip balm and long sleeves.

  1. Camera, video, and binoculars

Most selfies are usually an indication of immaturity and vanity one place a selfie is acceptable is when you are on a safari.  Even though a huge number of tourists remember to carry their cameras and video equipment, a good amount of them forget to carry their binoculars with them. Binoculars are crucial for viewing of wildlife on safari at least one with 8x magnification or even one with 10x magnification.

Any photographer would be crazy not to enjoy the beautiful animals and scenery that Africa has to offer. Therefore, it is important to carry a camera to capture a moment and relive it throughout your stay in Africa and beyond.

  1. Clothes and toiletries

International airlines usually restrict check-in luggage to 55 pounds and light aircrafts require luggage weigh up to 27 pounds. Luckily most lodges offer same-day laundry services and this will ease your burden.

The type of clothes to wear should be Casual but comfortable

The fabrics should be quick drying and practical with no bright colors and you should feel comfortable in them.

Layering is crucial

The best way to cope with the temperature fluctuations during the day and night when on safari is through wearing clothes in layers. Thus, once the day warms up one can peel off another layer and when it starts to get cold one can put it back on. The following are some pieces of clothing one must carry when going on a safari.

  • Long sleeve blouse and T-shirt with collars for protection from mosquitoes and the sun
  • Sports sandals for very hot months.
  • Hat
  • Swimsuit since lodges have pools
  • A pair of safari trousers that can zip off at the knees
  • War or fleece jacket
  • Walking shoes and socks that are comfortable
  • Light compact raincoat
  1. Fully charged electronic gadgets like Phone, music, tablet or laptop

You can carry your iPad, phone, laptop, music together with their respective chargers and universal adaptor plugs as well.

The bush also tends to be pitch black when the moon cannot be spotted and a good torch is a must. A rechargeable torch would be advisable but a small battery-powered torch would do the trick.

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