South Africa is a land of spellbinding allure. This African nation is known for its natural beauty, which is just one of their marvelous treasures. South Africa has so much to offer, from mesmerizing mountaintops to lush green and lively landscapes. From the streams and rivers running through these landsRead More →

Colombia is nothing short of a heaven of biodiversity. This country is believed to be the home of nearly 10% of the flora and fauna species in the world. Colombia is slowly becoming one of the global hotspots for ecotourism. A major part of the earth’s green lung, the AmazonRead More →

Peru is a country located on the western side of South America and is one of the countries known for great biodiversity. This is because 60% of the country is part of the Amazon basin making it a hub for a myriad of flora and fauna species. The country’s ecosystemRead More →