Get Out into the Wild, South African Style

South Africa is a land of spellbinding allure. This African nation is known for its natural beauty, which is just one of their marvelous treasures. South Africa has so much to offer, from mesmerizing mountaintops to lush green and lively landscapes. From the streams and rivers running through these lands to the remarkable coastline. There are endless exploration opportunities for people who want to embark on these adventures. The unparalleled experience offered by the stunning scenery of South Africa is once in a lifetime experience for the visitors.

South Africa is home to some of the finest national parks in the world. There is a variety of wilderness experiences that tourists can have. Whether you want to explore better known destinations like the Kruger National Park for a weekend of adventure or one of the hidden gems, like the Garden Route National Park, you will have plenty of options to have a true wilderness experience. You can go on road trips to these parks to explore the wild, and when you are done, you can explore the small towns for a different kind of South African experience.

Here are few of the wilderness experiences in South Africa that you can look forward to when visiting this country.

Classical South African Safari

A South African safari will take you to the hearts of national parks, where you can witness the nature in all of its glory as well as one of the richest biodiversities in the world. Accommodations in the parks include campsites, huts, cottages, etc. while the jeeps are the usual modes of transportation.

Water Sports

Although South Africa is mostly known for its remarkable safari tours, it also has exceptionally good water sports opportunities too. The lively lush green vegetation of this land is fed by the network of rivers that slowly make their way across the land. Since these waters are not particularly fast, they are ideal for canoeing. This is a great opportunity for newbies as there is a very little chance of getting caught up in heavy current. For the more experienced folks, they can try canyoneering to test their abilities. There is nothing to worry about unless you are closer to the beaches as the currents are stronger around those areas and could sweep you to the sea.


For folks who are not scared of heights, paragliding can give them a bird’s eye perspective of everything below and witness the grandeur of South African national parks from the air. You can float over the wilderness to soak in the vast landscapes for a very unique kind of experience.

Segway Tours

One of the more interesting additions to the wilderness experiences in South Africa are Segway tours. A Segway is a battery powered, self-balancing two-wheeled eco-friendly transporter. Tsitsikamma Segway Tours provides guided tours in the Tsitsikamma area. You can find them in the Stormsriver Village, at Tsitsikamma Backpackers. These tours with professional guides can be between 1 and 2 hours long. This highly fun and addictive activity will be a very unique experience for you and your family or friends. They are a combination of technology and nature to deliver a safe and fun experience.

Before the start of the Segway tour, there is a small training session to familiarize the participants with their Segways. Following that, the local village and the forests are explored before heading deeper into the heart of the Tsitsikamma forest’s trails. On these trails, you can witness the remarkable biodiversity of this indigenous forest, including a tree that is believed to be 1000 years old.


Hiking is something you will get plenty of chances to do when you are in South Africa. You will get to truly absorb the surrounding environment while trekking across the diverse landscapes. Your options include inland hikes, beach hikes, boardwalk hikes, to connect with nature and spend time in the tranquil environment.

Have a beach day

Once you are done with the Safari adventures or want to try something different, the gleaming sands of dramatic coastlines that stretch along the coastal national parks are a must-see destination. These amazingly inviting beaches are not to be skipped as they offer a very unique experience as compared to the other activities in South Africa. The calm and clear waters, the well maintained neat sandy beaches are just what you need to relax and calm your nerves.


Camping in the wild is believed to have therapeutic effects on your body, which makes this activity even more worthwhile. You will find plenty of good camping sites across all of the National Parks. There are also camping spots close to the streams, lakes, and rivers, in case you fancy a swim or some canoeing. There isn’t anything that quite compares to a night under the stars next to a campfire.

Visiting craft shops

Not exactly a wilderness adventure, but one of the ways to properly learn about the people and the culture of the country, you can explore the craft shops and markets. You will find plenty of art pieces that are native to the area and culture. There are things like jewelry, clothing items, etc. that you can find in such shops. If you are looking to buy gifts, you will find a lot of interesting pieces in these markets.


Ziplining is also a great fun activity to get a bird’s eye perspective of the area while feeling the safety of a harness keeping you secure. Soaring above the treeline not only pumps you with adrenaline but also, the view is unbeatable. This joy ride adventure is available at many locations in the national parks across the country.

South Africa is a truly diverse country and that includes both people and the nature. There are plenty of landscapes and settings to be explored in a multitude of different ways, and it’s easy to make your journey to South Africa an unforgettable one.

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