How to plan a Galapagos Trip

Off the coast of Ecuador lie the majestic islands of Galapagos. Those amazing islands will surely get you thrilled and astounded, making you a very lucky person to have it visited even once in your life.

You may have only one opportunity, so you want to get your trip right. That is why you really need to plan your Galapagos trip carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you will have the best time of your life while enjoying everything that the island has to offer.

To guide you with your next trip, here is a set of tips for your perusal. This should at least get you thinking and planning in the right direction: the food, transportation, adventures, and other experiences.

Where to stay in Galapagos Islands?

Galapagos is technically a combination of wilderness and wildlife, which makes it a very popular tourist destination. Of course, a popular tourist destination must have the facilities to accommodate their guests. Hotels and inns at the Galapagos Islands are a bit costly, maybe because of being too far away from the mainland and the unique structure of the islands.

Hotels on the island are pretty comfy. All hotels offer air conditioning, tidy rooms and hot showers. Hotel operators truly understand that every traveler on the islands deserve a good sleep and rest after a whole day of fun adventures and experiences. There are also some hotels on the upscale levels which offers a swimming pool, making it perfect for people who is willing to shell out more bucks to be pampered with five-star accommodation.

What can you do on the islands?

Getting a tour is probably the perfect thing to do for you to explore most of the islands without getting you much trouble. That is why you need to know what is included on your tour besides your accommodation.

A good tour operator must provide you with a very detailed itinerary that can explain you what you will do in a certain hour of the day. It must also include what you must expect in terms of accommodation and food. It is even better if your tour operator can provide you with details of your exact accommodation or food places for you to have a thorough research before you set off on a journey to the majestic islands.

A usual adventure tour consists of volcano hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. It may not be fit for everyone but getting a good tour company should meet all of your needs, interests and expectations. You must also pick the best tour operator on your point so you won’t end up disappointed on your trip.

Plan your essentials


The Galapagos has a tropical climate, so you must expect a hot and humid weather. That is why you need to stay hydrated. Tap water at the Galapagos isn’t fit for human consumption so bottled waters are a must. Hotels at Galapagos Islands offers free unlimited potable water so it could be best if you pack up water in reusable water bottles to even help minimize waste on the island.


The whole Ecuador, including Galapagos, uses the United States Dollar as their currency. Withdrawing money won’t be a hassle to you as ATM machines are practically everywhere. They also even accept foreign card companies such as Mastercard and Visa.


Galapagos is a very known tourist destination, so you can expect of a wide range of cuisines available for your consumption. You can opt to live like a local by trying out some traditional Ecuadorean cuisine or just be at norms by eating Western foods.

So that concludes some tips for you to consider when planning a superb Galapagos trip. So, book your tickets to the Galapagos now and plan the adventure of a lifetime.


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