How to Get Started with Birding

Are you curious about birds? Perhaps you listen to their songs and wonder just what type of bird could sound so pretty. Getting started in birding can fuel that curiosity and open a whole different and beautiful world for you. Below are some tips on how to get started with birding.

The first step to birding is finding out more about the birds in your area. This can be done by simply visiting your local library or contacting a local Audubon center. Bookstores are also a good place to start too. Look for a simple field guide to begin with. Something that has clear pictures of each bird and a little about their location is perfect. The internet is also another great place to do some research.

The next step in getting started with birding is to get yourself a good pair of binoculars. This can average between $100-$300. You can also look for second pair of binoculars or even borrow a pair if you can. Since you’ll be outside a lot, you’ll want to look for binoculars that are waterproof. Also, look for binoculars with at least 8x magnification.

Other items you may want to have to make birding a bit easier is a good pair of shoes. You may find yourself having to navigate over rocks and other land to get a good look at a bird. Shoes or hiking boots that have good traction will work very well.


You’ve got your new field guide and you have binoculars, now you just need the birds. Many beginner birders start out by simply watching the birds in their own backyard. It can be interested to see what kind of feathered friends are visiting your backyard. Try putting up a birdfeeder to increase your chances of seeing some birds. Fill the feeder with a good variety of food such as sunflower seeds, smaller seeds, bits of fruits, and nuts to attract a variety of birds that are local to your area.

As your curiosity grows, you can branch out to local parks and other areas. Your local Audubon center will be useful in finding suggestions as to where to go to see some birds. They may even have some organized birding groups that you can join so you enjoy birding with others who enjoy it too.

Many birders like to keep records of what they find. This may something as simple as jotting down a few notes of what you’ve seen each day or something a little more in depth such as recording the places you’ve been, the species you’ve seen and any other information that may seem useful. There are also options for birders to record their findings online and share the information with fellow birders.

Whether you want enjoy birding as a solo hobby or in a group with other birders, you are sure to get a whole lot of enjoyment out of it. There are so many benefits of birding. You’ll be learning a lot about birds such as species, diets, and migration habits. You’ll also learn patience as you learn to watch for birds. Above all, you’ll develop a love and respect for all birds.


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