The Most Spectacular National Parks of New Zealand

Recognized across the globe for its grandiose natural splendor, the extensive sceneries and landscapes of New Zealand are surely a class of their own. Grand snow-capped peaks ascend spectacularly into the perky blue skies as boundless lush vales and sun-soaked pastures extend into the distance with boundless crystal-clear lagoons shimmering, feathery clouds soaring above them.

Far-off and standing apart from the rest of the world, the spectacular landscape was made legendary by the Lord of the Rings films. This isolation however, also protects and preserves the national parks of New Zealand, which receive relatively few guests for such an astonishingly wonderful country. Here are 6 of the most spectacular national parks of New Zealand, in no particular order.

Arthur’s Pass National Park

The Arthur’s Park National Park includes a rough part of the Southern Alps range and thus offers a variety of beautiful observing sites over the nearby landscape with twilights being predominantly stunning. It is divided in half by the mountains that run across it; one flank of the park is includes rocky mountaintops while the other one comprises of opulent woodlands and curving rivers. With opportunities like skiing, hiking and even hunting, Arthur’s Pass has several venturesome endeavors to tempt the guests with.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

This park is the home of the New Zealand’s highest top, the Aoraki/Mount Cook peak. Boosting a colossal height of 3724 meters, it is the chief lure that pulls the tourists to the park. Glaciers are spread over a huge area of the park and this means that there can be cold and unfriendly weather situations plaguing these peaks. Dazzling and stunning, the snow-covered mountains and the glaciers will astonish you in the daylight. Home to a wide range of nature to discover, the plush flora contrasts spectacularly with the desolate rocks of the mountains.

Abel Tasman National Park

This park gets its name from the first European explorer who set his eyes on the New Zealand, and the awe he must have felt can only be imagined. Abel Tasman National Park’s untouched turquoise waters, spectacular sandy coastlines and woods covered surroundings are astoundingly picturesque and make it stand out in comparison with other national parks of New Zealand. Nature enthusiasts can stay at any of the campsites or venture into the woods to explore the lovely streams, natural pools and waterfalls.

Tongariro National Park

This barren rocky backdrop covered with alluring turquoise water lakes is just about otherworldly. This park houses three active volcanoes, among them is Tongariro, where the park gets its name from. The snow-capped Mount Tongariro is known for its fascinating splendor which was marvelously highlighted in the LOTR movies.

Mount Aspiring National Park

This mountainside of New Zealand boasts a wealth of unbelievable tourist attractions. Snow-laden peaks soar above the canyons and valleys underneath before plummeting spectacularly into the lagoons and streams that wind their path between them. The park gets its name from the 3000-meter-high Mount Aspiring. With rugged cliffs and ridges to discover, this park is admired among backpackers and nature enthusiasts who love to venture in the hidden trails and tracks that thrive among this rough country.

Fiordland National Park

Among the biggest national parks in the world, the Fiordland National Park is expansive and amazing to travel around. The antique nature of this incredible scenery truly amazes tourists as there are vast canyons and creeks, remnants of the glaciers that cut through these rocks over the time. It is home to pristine wilderness, far-reaching woods, towering mountains and crystal-clear lakes. Although New Zealand overall is a never-ending stretch of incredibly beautiful sceneries, Fiordland still manages to stand out is its unmatchable grandeur.


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