In Vermont? Go for a walk. A long one.

In Vermont? Go for a walk. A long one.

We all need time to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. For many people, going out into the wild is the solution. But maybe taking a hike through rough terrain in complete wilderness with a heavy backpack on your shoulders is not your thing. Maybe you just want a couple of days of light walking through a beautiful countryside, at your own pace. Possibly you don’t even want a guide accompanying you. You just want time on your own, whether it’s just you alone, as a couple, or with a small group. But how do you organize this?

This is in fact exactly the idea behind Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours. The name says it all. When you sign up for the tour, you are given a route to walk and are booked into 4 inns to spend the night in between the legs.

The idea is incredibly simple, but very innovative. There are so many upsides to this approach.

You get to walk at your own speed, without anybody guiding you or setting the pace. Walk as slow or as fast as you want, stop and rest and take in the scenery as often as you like. Cool your feet in the many streams you’ll encounter along the way.

You know where to go since you have exact directions on a map you’re provided with. The route has been carefully chosen to be manageable for most people, to provide plenty of variety in landscape and villages you visit, and to end in the same place where it started.

You don’t carry any bags! That’s a big one. I think one of the reasons many people shun hiking and trekking is because of the burden of having to carry all your gear on you. But here, you’re staying at comfortable B&B inns, so no need for tents or sleeping bags. Of course, you need your stuff even when spending the night at an inn, but no worries – your bags are conveniently transported to your next lodging. You only have to carry snacks for the day and any items you want to have with you, such as a camera.

You get to enjoy the countryside. Not the deep woods or mountains. I’m not saying the countryside is somehow better than woods and mountains, merely that it’s a very different experience, one that many people may find just as or even more pleasurable. The rural landscapes in Vermont are mesmerizing and the villages are picturesque with welcoming and friendly locals. You’re mostly going to be walking on roads, whether paved or dirt ones.

You get to stay at four different cozy and comfortable B&B inns, and these inns really are charming and inviting, each one with a distinct style and setting. You get to eat proper breakfast and tasty specialty meals in the evening, so you don’t have to worry about food either.

All in all, if you’re in Vermont, and you feel like you need a few days of simple, pleasant and peaceful downtime, then I would recommend seriously considering Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours as a means to get away, to enjoy nature and the countryside, to breathe fresh air and maybe catch a glimpse or two of local wildlife. “Active relaxation” at its best, if that’s a term.

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