The Med You Dreamt of: Chartering a Sailboat in Italy

Italy’s west coast has long been an attraction for sailors, thanks to its azure sea water and dazzling, glitzy port cities. These scenic coastal towns, quiet islands and unspoiled, calm beaches on this extensive coastline offer alluring anchorages for the sailing enthusiasts to wade in. Meanwhile, the diverse, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean present ultimate opportunities for snorkeling and yield the appetizing seafood, that this region is famous for.

There is a lot that Italy can offer to both veteran and relatively novice sailors, with a myriad of leisure ventures to relish when you are back on the land. There are a number of different stations to sail from and an expansive coastline to discover, Italy will have you yearning to return, once you leave.

You can charter a sailboat for your sailing vacations that can be started from any of the bases, depending on your level of experience and the sites you intend to visit and discover an experience full of navigational adventures and sensory thrills.

Chartering a Sailboat in Tropea

The Aeolian Islands, which are also called the Lipari Islands, were selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000. These islands are located a little beyond Sicily at the south side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, an offshoot of the Mediterranean Sea, which is 475 miles long and stretches over 60 miles. On the northwestern side, they have Corsica and Sardinia, while Elba Island lies on the northern side. The Aeolian archipelago is jagged, picturesque, and largely undeveloped.

Chartering a boat in Tropea is perfect for folks who possess basic coastal navigation skills. The splendor and matchless appeal of these waters tempt less skilled and expert sailors the same, to return for more voyages. Temperatures during summer go between 77°F to 90°F.

The charms of Calabria sailing vacation include snorkeling and swimming at the scenic beaches next to the shoreline of the rocky islands, picturesque bays bursting with local marine craft, calm beachfront towns where white, yellow and pink abodes and shops portray the steep hills in a beautiful and alluring mosaic.

Chartering a Sailboat in Procida

The Island of Capri, just the term beckons imageries of the Mediterranean Sea, the historic voyages of the Romans and the Greeks, to the swanky and sophisticated folk who regularly retreat there.

The isle is just one among a string of islands spreading off the southwest coastline of Italy. It has Naples just to its north, as well as among many other notable ones. Capri Island, on the southeastern side of Procida, has unparallel beauty. A Bay of Naples Sailboat charter is an adventure both for the novice as well as seasoned sailors. Summertime temperatures span between 77°F and 90°F.

Chartering a Sailboat in Sardinia

Located to the northwest side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, The Moorings marina in Cannigione is among top locations to kick off a Sardinia Sailboat charter. It is a short sail away from the Maddalena Archipelago National Park on the northern side and the Marine Reserve, which comprises 7 main isles. Across the Strait of Bonifacio in Corsica, France, which is sometimes considered a part of a Sardinia sailing vacation. It is both novices friendly and offers challenges veteran sailors seek.

A Sardinia sailing vacation reveals an astounding area of the Mediterranean Sea. It is equally natural and instilled with the accouterments of the wealthy and famous, calm yet lively, quiet yet exhilarating as its apparently conflicting natures bond to deliver an escapade under sails. The rocky precipices and rugged altitudes of the coastline, the bare shores of the isles, the secluded coves, and bays, will transport you back to the 19th century.

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