Kayaking in Central Florida

Central Florida is home to some truly wild and varied wilderness with plenty of waterways and rich flora and fauna. It is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and to finally experience calmness, breathe fresh air and see exciting things you don’t see every day.

One of the best ways to experience Central Florida’s nature is by kayak. Kayaking provides a laid-back – or adventurous, depending on which route you choose – way of exploring the lush forest growing on the banks, and to come close to the aquatic and semi-aquatic animals that inhabit the river, as well as birds that live around it.

If you happen to be around Orlando or Daytona Beach, you should definitely look into going on a tour by Central Florida Nature Adventures. They’re a small company but with plenty of experience and knowledge of the local wilderness. There is a wide range of tour options to choose from.

Are you family with kids who probably won’t have the patience to sit in a kayak for more than a few hours? The family tours will be perfect for you. They last 3 hours at most and proceed at a calm pace where everyone can keep up without issues. Are you a somewhat experienced kayaker who wants a bit more thrill? There are tougher routes available that will provide you some extra challenge. If you simply want to spend more time on the river to soak in the beauty and the peace of the surroundings, you’re covered as well – there are longer tours available that last up to 5 hours.

Central Florida is also famous for its manatees, and probably the easiest way to come into close contact with these wondrous and peaceful creatures is by kayak. These tours take place only in winter though. You can watch the manatees swimming below while staying in the safety of your kayak. There’s even a chance one of them will swim up close to inspect the odd vessel you’re floating in. One great thing about this experience is knowing that a kayak is safe not only for you, but also for the animals – unlike noisy motorboats with their sharp propellers.

Central Florida Nature Adventures start their tours from several locations across Central Florida. If you have a tough time choosing, you’d probably best off going for a tour on St John’s River. It’s a slow river with ample wildlife to observe, including turtles, lots of bird species and perhaps even alligators.

Birders will be pleased to know that there are several birdwatching tour options on offer – both on the water as well as in the form of more traditional overland hikes. The area has a diverse bird population: the bald eagle, a number of heron species, limpkins can all be observed here.

If you’re in the area, then use the opportunity and get out into the wild for a few hours. It’s likely you will remember these few hours for a long time to come.

Visit the Central Florida Nature Adventures website: https://kayakcentralflorida.com/

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