In Sydney? Visit The Majestic Blue Mountains National Park

Australia – a one-country continent where nature is diverse and wildlife is immense. Australia is blessed with various scenic spots that do not only fill the eyes of its wondering visitors but also provide refuge for some of the endangered species of both plants and animals. One of Australia’s most popular ecological wonders is the Blue Mountains National Park.

Blue Mountains National Park – Australia’s Hidden Gem

Australia’s Hidden Gem is perfectly located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, just outside Sydney. Covering over 260,000 hectares, this protected area has best listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Year every year, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists gather in this picturesque location to appreciate nature and wildlife.

Home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians, Blue Mountains National Park has instantly become an ecological area where various flora and fauna thrive symbiotically to each other. Ancient plants and countless native trees add beauty to this pristine wilderness with a countless natural attraction for nature lovers.

Three Sisters Rock Formation

One of the most sought-after destinations in Blue Mountains National Park is the Three Sisters Rock formation. Located north of Jamison Valley, this postcard-perfect spot has three towering rock formation in juxtaposition to each other. Wilmah is the tallest among the three with Meehni and Gunnedoo – hence the name Three Sisters. They are believed to have been naturally developed after millions of years of erosion and other natural phenomena.

Just a few steps away before reaching the Three Sisters is another attraction that you should not miss while visiting Blue Mountains National Park. The Giant stairway is composed of over 800 steps made of stone and steel. From here, the view of the Three Sister Rock Formation is stunning so you better keep those camera lenses ready.

Prepare for an Adventure of a Lifetime

Blue Mountains National Park is not only best for sightseeing and nature appreciation. In fact, outdoor lovers and adventurers will like it too. With various eco tours and activities offered in this protected national park, one whole day may not be enough.

If you are the more adventurous type of tourist, you better get your gears ready and prepare yourself for a day of rock climbing, abseiling, and canyoneering. Theatrical waterfalls, long stretch of sandstone cliffs, and mysterious canyons await every daring soul. There is no better way to enjoy a one of a kind environment other than doing thrilling outdoor activities on the side. Most tours offered in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area include the services of professional guides and the appropriate equipment for your chosen activity. In addition, you will also be served with sumptuous lunch and snacks to recharge your energy.

If you simply wanted to relax and chill, you may opt for a less stressful activity like the Half Day Bush Walk. You will be taken into the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area where you can wander all you want and be amazed by how majestic the place is. In just half a day, you can explore the strategic locations with the best view of the surroundings minus the body aches and bruises. For the best experience, you may hire the services of local guides in the national park. They will lead you to secret spots and will tell you more about things that you need to know about this world-class ecotourism destination.

Indeed, Australia is not just kangaroos, koala bears, and The Opera House. The Blue Mountains World National Park is a living testament that wildlife and nature are preserved and well taken care of here. So next time you pass by the land down under, never fail to include in your itinerary this splendid natural wonder.

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