Possibly the Best Way to Experience Vanua Levu, Fiji

People say that to experience Fiji the way you’ve seen it on photos and TV and the way you’ve imagined it to yourself, with beautiful beaches and spectacular diving, you have to come to Vanua Levu. You’re going to miss so much if you only visit Viti Levu, the main island. One of the best hidden secrets of Vanua Levu is the town of Savusavu – a sort of gateway to all the best activities the island has to offer.

This town is also home to the Daku Resort, a cozy friendly place to stay and make the most out of your visit to Fiji. The magic of this place lies not in opulence or luxury, but in the welcoming and down-to-earth way the whole place is run and organized, offering all the comforts one needs and enabling a wide range of activities for every taste.

The accommodation is varied and you have lots of choice depending on your group size, personal preferences and of course budget. There are plenty of ocean views to go around, as well as plunge pools and open air decks. You can choose between a number of rooms, bures as well as several villas. Just so you know, the word “bure” originally meant a very simple hut made of whatever material was at hand, but in the modern Fijian hotel lingo it is basically the same as bungalow – a small standalone house with all the stuff we modern people need to feel comfortable, and possibly more.

Whether you stay at Daku for a few days or a month, you won’t be bored. There is a lot of options for all sorts of recreation. For example, take a hike in the forest right behind the resort. It’s a tough walk, but it’s worth it – the forest is beautiful. If you like snorkeling, you can do it just across the road, right off the coast. Of course, this is Fiji, so there’s no lack of snorkeling or diving opportunities and the staff will either get you there or help organize the trip.

For the wildlife lover, Vanua Levu offers a number of options to do some quality birdwatching. There are rare birds on the island, including the endemic silktail. Some of the unusual species have even been spotted on the territory of the resort itself. Again, whether you want a quick local tour in hopes of seeing some of the local birds, or you want to complete exhaustive birding program of the entire island, the people at Daku will help get it sorted.

A really pleasant thing about the Daku Resort are its breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions. You are encouraged by the friendly owners to take a seat at the communal dining table, though of course other arrangements can be made. The meals are nice and tasty. And there’s no menu – a simple list of meals for the day. Frankly, I think it’s a great, and very refreshing, alternative to how hotel dining is usually organized.

The owners and the staff at Daku Resort will go out of their way to make you feel like you’re not just a visitor, but in the circle of friends, even family. If you’re going to Fiji to experience Fiji at its best, this is the place to stay.

Website: https://dakuresort.com/

All images by Daku Resort

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