Do You Love Wilderness? Here’s What Montana Has to Offer

Mother Nature is a true haven from the stressful monotony of modern society. For this reason, people often look to forests, mountains and wildlife reserves to escape from their daily routine. Montana is a perfect location for wilderness lovers. This state combines large forests with a diverse ecological systems and high mountains.

If you are interested in what Montana has to offer, then stay tuned because, in this article, I will show you the most beautiful wild places in Montana that are worth your visit.

First of all, we must talk about the importance of hiking in this state. Hiking has become a sort of a traditional activity in Montana thanks to its rich and beautiful natural treasures. People have been hiking in Montana’s mountains for recreational purposes since at least the 19th century. In fact, nowadays, the Montana Wilderness Association organizes free walks every year in the woods of Montana. Just put your boots on and head to the mountains to enjoy some breathtaking landscapes.

If you’re looking for a tour with an experienced guide, I suggest you have a look at Big Sky Safaris. The tours start from Missoula and are run by a professional biologist who knows the surrounding areas like the palm of her hand. Go for a hike, spot the local wildlife and enjoy the scenery. A great way to get a taste of Montana’s beauty without challenging mountain treks or sleeping in a tent – though that’s also an option.

Other than that, Montana houses 16 large wilderness areas under strict control to protect the endangered species of flora and fauna. Here are some of the most interesting areas.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

It consists of a very large area situated between Billings and Yellowstone national park. Absaroka-Beartooth is best known for its mountains since it contains a wide variety of mountains that beautifully harmonize with the sky. Beartooths on the east are rocky and rough while the Absarokas on the west are friendly and easy to access in addition to the heavy forested areas.

This area has a variety of terrains including long canyons, vast plains, plateaus and peaky mountains which make it very hard for some hikers but pros love this place.

Bob Marshall Wilderness

Situated on the west of great falls, this wilderness area is the largest in the entire state of Montana; it is ecologically complete and holds more than 100 lakes as well as rugged mountains, high plateaus, enormous valleys and endless forests.

A wide variety of mammal species make this place their home such as grizzly, moose, elk, puma, bighorn sheep, wolf and lynx.

As for birders, it is considered their best destination to spot magnificent birds all year round. Just prepare your gear and pay a visit to this stunning piece of land and you will definitely be amazed.

Medicine Lake Wilderness

Located within Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, this prairie is a harmonious combination between vast plains, sandy dunes and shallow lakes. This wilderness is home to a large nesting colony of white pelicans and witnesses the great migration of birds during fall. It is literally a heaven for birders as well as wildlife observers who love to watch different species coexist together in the same ecological system.

As I said above, Montana is home to 16 wilderness areas with all the different forms of nature you can imagine, from low-level lakes, meadows, plains, plateaus, mountains… such a rich place supports the life of a huge number of mammals, including the animals native to the northern Rockies.

If you are looking for adventure, Montana also offers you the opportunity to spot volcanic activity at Yellowstone national park which is the first-established national park in US. This park is around 9000 square kilometers and includes a rich variety of landscapes and natural environments.

Are you up for a long enjoyable hike on Montana Mountains? It is absolutely worth the experience. Besides, it is easily accessible for beginners and it includes more than 2000 camping sites in the wild. Bon voyage!


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