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Top 10 Best Hiking Trails in Central and South America

Central and South America has some of the most breathtaking and diverse landscapes in the world. Tourists flock to these destinations to experience the tropical rainforests, observe volcanic land, and take in the wonder of the local wildlife. Below is a list of the top ten best hiking trails that they have to offer.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The first must-see destination is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary located in Belize. Here you will find only jaguar reserve located in the world. If that isn’t amazing enough, you will be given the opportunity to like along the many trails the sanctuary has to offer. You may even spot wildlife along the way. In addition to jaguars, the sanctuary is also home to pumas, ocelot, otters, as well as over three hundred species of birds.

Volcano Rincon de la Vieja

The next destination is the Rincon de la Vieja volcano located in Costa Rica. Here you’ll explore the nine craters of this enormous active volcano. Explore the tropical forests and take in the beauty of the plant and wildlife. You may catch a glimpse of the howler or spider monkeys that call the area home. Be sure to take the ten-mile trek to the summit where in addition to the breathtaking views, you may even get to see the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean if the day is clear enough.

Telica Volcano

Located in Nicaragua, this volcano lets you get up close and personal with one of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes. Camping out at the base of the volcano is permitted and this will allow you to view the red lava glow of the crater at night.

Acatenango Volcano

This volcano is located in Guatemala and is the area’s third highest volcano. It is in a dormant state as its last eruption was in 1972. A climb to the top will permit you with a breathtaking view of the entire country.

Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park is the go to hiking destination if you want to observe wildlife. As you hike along the trails, keep watch for anteaters, sloths, and monkeys. The area is also known to have scarlet macaws flying around as well. If you’re planning a trip here, make sure to get in touch with Osa Aventura – they have a huge selection of activities in the area.

Huayhuash Circuit

This is probably the best hiking destination in South America. Located in Peru, the Huayhuash Circuit is a multiday hike deep in the heart of the Peruvian Andes.

Kaieteur Falls

Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls has probably one the most breathtaking views in South America. Here you will find the highest single-drop waterfall in the entire world. This waterfall alone would make this trip worth it, but couple that with the beautiful Amazon rainforest landscape and diverse wildlife, and you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

These snowcapped mountains are located in Northern Columbia. Its peaks reach over 17,000 feet and it has been said that many have considered it a true hiker’s dream. Area wildlife include bears, eagles, deer, and condors.

Chapada Diamantina

This hike will bring you to the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil. Here you’ll encounter breathtaking waterfalls, hidden caves, and enormous mountain plateaus. If adventure is what you seek, this is a definite must-see.

Fitz Roy

The hike up this mountain located in Argentina is more for the expert hiker. Though it’s technically challenging, its beauty is simply breathtaking. There are several hiking options here including some overnight routes.


Any of the places listed here are amazing destinations that will provide you with some of the most breathtaking views in the entire world.

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