Could Yosemite Be the Greatest National Park in the US?

The US is known for its rich natural environment: high mountains, long rivers, huge lakes and endless prairies. National parks are established to take care of this treasure while offering the opportunity for everybody to visit these wildernesses.

Yosemite, over 1,100 square miles of full nature, is a highly regarded park in the U.S, located on the western side of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains and is believed by many to be the greatest national park in the US.

What makes Yosemite so reputable? And what type of attractions does this natural site include that engages nature lovers?

Why is Yosemite the greatest national park is the U.S?

Thanks to its amazing location, Yosemite is widely famous for its landscapes and sharp cliffs. Extreme sport practitioners and adventurers love these cliffs for their height and formidability.

Many people prefer Yosemite over other national parks because of weather conditions; while the other national parks are situated in the north where weather can get very rough and roads can be blocked, Yosemite is always calm and partially rainy.

Besides, Yosemite includes a lot of waterfalls that give the artistic touch to a complete landscape that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Yosemite is a very rich natural treasure that houses diverse species of flora and fauna and in addition to a variety of terrains.

What to do in Yosemite national park?

A wide range of activities can be done within the borders of this park to enjoy your time there; here are some of the most interesting ones:

Walking, Hiking or Biking

In order to walk around in the woods of Yosemite, the park is equipped with special trails that support walks, hikes and bikes too. It is recommended to take your bike with you if you are curious about this place and do not want to exhaust yourself. Bike rentals are also available inside the park.

You should take your binoculars with you if you are fan of birds and wild animals, you will find lots of interesting creatures that you would regret missing.


Camping in the Yosemite Valley is an experience of a lifetime, taking your tent to one of the most beautiful valleys in the world and spending the night in its wilderness is really exciting. This experience has much to offer including stargazing at night, you will have a spectacular view of the Milky Way from this spot.

Several campground are accessible all year round and many services are offered such as public showers, vault toilets as well as tap and creek water.

Water activities

Thanks to the vast lakes, long rivers and high waterfalls it houses, Yosemite is a great place for water activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating and swimming. You may find some locals that provide boat tour in the rivers of Yosemite national park, just take the boat and enjoy the fresh breeze. In addition, there are many lakes and rivers that support swimming and fishing, particularly Merced River which allows visitors to cool off on sandy beaches.

Kayaking is only supported in specific spots like Tenaya lake, you should make a reservation ahead since this activity has a very limited number of participants daily.


After citing the various activities supported in Yosemite national park and the variety of natural environment it houses, it is obvious that this park is definitely one of the greatest in the US. Yosemite is a perfect destination for those who would love to see the the beauty of nature in its complete form.

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