Amazing National Parks of New South Wales

There are many things that New South Wales can be proud and one of them is the number of national parks and protected areas. If you are a nature lover and you live in or are planning to visit NSW, below are some of the suggested natural parks that will surely satisfy your appetite for an ecological adventure.

Kosciuszko National Park

First on our list is the Kosciuszko National Park located in the southeastern corner of New South Wales. One of the main attractions in this national park is the Mount Kosciuszko which the place was named after. Being the highest mountain in Australia, this stunning landscape boasts its alpine climate making it ideal for outdoor activities such as skiing.

You will never run out of things to do in Kosciuszko National Park. You can head south to Lower Snowy River area which is perfect for camping and picnic. You also wander around by walking, biking, or horseback riding. Head north to Yarrangobilly area and go spelunking in historic caves and plunge into thermal pools.

If you’re an adventurous type, then one of the best things you can do in Kosciuszko is to sign up for one of the nature based experiences in stunning Australian Alpine landscapes offered by K7 Adventures. Climbing, snow-shoeing, caving, bouldering – you name it – it’s all on their list.

Barrington Tops National Park

Barrington Tops National Park covers over 76,000 hectares of protected area in Hunter Valley. Located just 120 miles north of Sydney, this national park belongs to World Heritage Site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. The park is composed of natural attraction perfect for nature and wildlife lovers. The temperate to a subalpine climate in this area makes it more conducive to a nature adventure that you will never forget.

Tourists flock to this area for easy walks and overnight trekking. There are a wide variety of camping sites where you can set up your tent and fish from a nearby lake. The area is also packed with a diverse flora and fauna.  Get ready to see owls, colorful birds, grey kangaroos and other peculiar species thriving in the national park’s lush, green forests.

Nightcap National Park

Located in over 8,000 hectares of the Northern Region, Nightcap National Park is a stunning location for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Home to the famous Nightcap Range, Nightcap National Park is also included to World Heritage Site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

If you like walking and wandering inside the forests, this is national will surely amaze and stun you. Almost 70% of the whole national park is covered with towering trees and lush vegetation. Its abundant biodiversity makes it a perfect place for some of the endangered species to thrive including over 140 species of birds and 27 species of reptiles. With a breath-taking view as your backdrop, picnic and camping are best done here.

New England National Park

Also in our list of must visit national parks in New South Wales is New England National Park. It is located within a 67-hectare protected area in the Northern Tablelands. This one of a kind natural wonder is ready to treat you with its majestic view, World Heritage Forests, and splendid wildlife.

East of the New England National Park is a dense forest in Bellinger River valley. With over 1000 species of plants and trees, this area is a breeding ground for various species of birds and other animals. Koalas, tiger quolls, Dingos, and other animals live in liberty in their natural habitat. For travelers who wanted to stay in New England National Park offers some accommodation in the Banksia Point.

With these national parks, you will always have something to do in the New South Wales. So don’t waste any time. Travel the world and be amazed by its natural beauty and be sure to include these wonderful national parks in New South Wales.

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