10 Less Obvious Things to Take with You When Going Hiking

When planning a hike, it’s easy to remember the obvious things like a good pair of shoes and water. While these are two essential things that you’ll need while hiking, there are other things you should have with you as well. Here are ten things to bring with you hiking that you may not have thought of.

First aid kit: You simply will never know when you or a hiking partner will sprain an ankle or get cut. It’s best to be prepared for any emergency.

Map and compass: Though GPS units are quite useful while hiking, there is a possibility that they’ll malfunction or even get dropped. Having a map and compass with you will always ensure you’ll know where you are and how to get out in case of emergency.

Whistle: In the event you get lost, the whistle is an effective way to call out for help.

Rain gear: Because sometimes the weatherman just gets it wrong.

Extra food: Be sure to bring enough food with you to last incase you’re out longer than you expected.

Fire: A fire source can be critical to have incase you get lost. Fire can provide warmth and signal others that you may need help.

Knife: Having a knife on hand can be useful to fix gear, cut cloth into bandages, or even remove splinters.

Extra water and purification: All too often hikers start out on a trip thinking they have enough water when they don’t. A good rule of thumb to follow is to drink one liter of water per two hours of hiking. In the event of an emergency and you run out of water, you’ll need to find a water source to refill your bottles. Using iodine or another water purifier will purify the water and make it safe to drink.

Flashlight/headlamp: In the event you are out longer than expected, a flashlight or headlamp will help you read your map and see where you’re going as night approaches.

Emergency blanket: These can be picked up in any camping store. They are designed to keep you warm in an emergency. They are small and lightweight and can easily be carried in your backpack.

With a little preparation, you’ll be ready for any situation you may encounter while on the trails. It’s always best to be safe and prepared.

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