Why You Should Explore Mato Grosso in Brazil

Brazil is known across the world for its spectacular carnivals and beautiful beaches, however, there is so much more to this amazing country. The Mato Grosso state impressive is home to marvelous crystal-clear waters, cascading waterfalls as well as the extraordinary flora and fauna and the incredible biodiversity. The vast plains and wildlife of Mato Grosso jungle make it a very special place in the heart of South America. The capital city of Cuiaba is locked at the junction of three of world’s richest ecosystems; The Pantanal, the Cerrado, and the famous Amazon Rainforests.

The Mato Grosso state is easily accessible as the majority of airlines in Brazil offer flights there. You can get to Cuiaba from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in an hour and a half. Once you reach the capital, you can then proceed with the rest of your journey depending on the region you are headed to in the Mato Grosso jungle.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is among the most popular destinations which you will find in every traveler’s bucket list. There is nothing that quite parallels the sight of sun rising over the canopy of this tropical rain forest and witnessing the wildlife in the forest liven up with the break of the dawn. Most of all, visiting the rainforest offers the unique prospect of exploring a place where nature can be seen in its complete glory. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil can be accessed through two entry points; either via the more frequently taken route of Manaus in the North or from the easily accessible, lesser known route of Mato Grosso state in the South. It is recommended that you spend at least three days to explore the rainforest and make sure that you come prepared as the weather in the area is warm around the year.

The Cerrado

This region of Mato Grosso is known for its mesmerizing waterfalls, beautiful crystal-clear streams, and the biodiversity. It is a paradise for the nature lovers, who want to experience snorkeling, bike riding, fishing, bird watching, trekking and hiking and exploring the natural caves. The golden hour in this area is a delight for the photographers. you can explore the region in two days but if you want to truly experience it in all of its glory, at least spend four to five days. The best thing about The Cerrado is that you can visit at any time of the year from January to December.

The Pantanal

The Pantanal offers one of the most unique environments in the world, thanks to the incredible landscape and the flora and fauna in this region. Depending on the time of the year you visit this area, you can experience up to four different versions of Pantanal. For the wildlife enthusiasts, the ideal time is between June and September, when the waters dip too low levels and the form natural pools. This offers the best opportunity to witness the animals and birds in their natural habitat, including the infamous Pantanal Jaguar. Even if you don’t schedule your plan during this time, you can still experience plenty of what Pantanal has to offer. There are opportunities to go for horse riding, boat trips, trekking, boat trips, night safaris, etc. which will make your trip an unforgettable journey. The recommended duration of the trip to this region is at least six days. You can visit a naturally found beach between the two merging rivers, which is known as a resting spot for the Jaguars. You can also go for scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of Norbes. you can also hike to the mighty waterfalls in Chapada dos Guimarães.  There are a lot of great accommodation options including lodges, hotels, etc. This entire region is waiting to be explored, offering amazing sights and attractions to the visitors.


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