Why Every Nature Lover Should Visit the Olympic National Park in Washington

With its flawless beauty and endless green, nature lovers cannot resist the magic of the Olympic National Park in Washington. There are plentiful opportunities for camping and hiking in this place as well as discovering the hidden secrets of nature and observing the astonishing diverse flora and fauna.

Why the Olympic National Park?

Located on the Olympic peninsula, in the northwest of the US, state of Washington, the Olympic National Park is best known for its large rainforests, peaky Olympic mountains, and breathtaking landscapes. This park measures 3733 square kilometers and houses various landforms. If you are a true nature lover, you will find a million reasons to visit this public attraction that is open 24/7. You would love to take your tent and gear with you to spend a night under the cover of its tall trees or on the wild coast of the park.

The park has several interesting attractions.

Hoh Rainforest

The park’s most popular destination – Hoh rainforest – is a temperate rainforest that wears a magical green wet dress during the rainy season due to the enormous precipitation from frequent rain (12 to 14 feet per annum).

Mosses and ferns add a special touch to the dress, and altogether they form a magnificent landscape that will give you goosebumps. You’d never want to miss taking a photo of it.

You can stay on the campground of Hoh rainforest whether in your tent or RV since both are supported by the facility. In addition, you can stay in lodges if you prefer luxury and comfort, but the adventure is always awesome!

Quinault Rainforest

If ice-carved peaks, low-level lakes and limitless prairies are what you are looking for, then Quinault is the destination for you. This wide rainforest consists of a valley with a scenic landscape and flooded trails during the rainy season.

This attraction suits the need of many hikers who want to observe wild animals in their natural environment, as well as birds and reptiles.

Camping is supported in Quinault rainforest on two campgrounds that are directly connected to the trails which lead to the center of the forest.

Hurricane Ridge

One mountainous area that is easily accessible for hikers that seek adventure and adrenaline or folks looking for peace and purity is Hurricane Ridge which is located on Hurricane Ridge Road, 17 miles south of Port Angeles.

This attraction provides the most beautiful landscapes for photographs, ranging from ice-carved mountains to icy lakes and white tree branches.

If you are visiting Hurricane Ridge during winter, be prepared for rough weather conditions and snow coming down fast and heavy all-day long.

Mora and Rialto Beach

This one-of-a-kind beach can be found on the west coast of the Olympic peninsula. A very peaceful place where you can enjoy the most gorgeous sunset of your life while watching different species of birds and seagulls flying around you.

The extreme sensation of witnessing the reunion of sea, land and sky in this place can never be described, it is a top-notch beach that you must visit at least once.

Take your family for a picnic or your partner for a romantic day out or go alone for a hike. Mora and Rialto beach can never leave you disappointed.


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