Trinidad and Tobago: Nature and Wildlife

Being located in the Caribbean, it is not surprising that Trinidad and Tobago is a popular destination for people who are longing for pristine waters and powdery, white sands. What not many people know is that this sovereign state composed of twin islands is also rich in natural wonders and diverse wildlife. Hence, people are flocking in not just for lounging in the sun, but for a one of a kind nature and wildlife adventure as well.

Looking for the best places to explore wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago? You are in the right place. Below are the highly recommended places that should be on your itinerary.

Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Lush greens and diverse flora and fauna – this and many more await you in the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Located in the northeast portion of the island of Tobago, this forest reserve covers almost 10,000 hectares of tropical rainforest. Rainfall and wind are predominant in the area thus making it an Evergreen Forest.

Living with the towering species of trees and lumbers are over 16 species of mammals and 24 kinds of non-poisonous snakes. Wait until you see the various reptiles such as the Ocellated Gecko that you cannot see anywhere else. Finally, be amazed by the hundreds of species of birds including the Sabrewing Hummingbird which is already considered as Environmentally Sensitive Species by the country’s Environmental Management Authority.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Another spot where nature is just within reach is the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Owned and managed by a non-profit organization, it is one of the nature resorts that’s is functioning as a scientific research station as well. It is popular among bird watchers as it houses over 150 species of birds thriving in their natural habitat.

Aside from bird watching, guests also get to witness mammals reptiles, and amphibians freely roaming around. Adding to the majestic view of the Asa Wright Nature Centre are over 2000 species of flowering plants with hundreds of species of butterflies. With this bountiful and diverse composition of wildlife and nature, it is not surprising that Asa Wright Nature Centre is considered to be a top caliber destination to tourists and students with interest in ecology, botany, and entomology.

Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

Another great location for nature and wildlife lovers is the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust. This 30-hectare reserved area is a favorite spot of scientists, researchers, and bird lovers as it is a perfect habitat for endangered species of wetland birds. The staff of the facility is exerting all their efforts to ensure that the place is conducive for breeding and nesting to preserve these rare species.

Enjoy a few minutes of boat ride while you are captivated by the view of colorful tropical birds in their natural environment. Guests can also opt to simply stroll around its grounds while appreciating the beauty of wetland fowls up close. To make your sight-seeing more convenient, boardwalks were installed around the ponds and swamps.

Corbin Local Wildlife Park

Corbin Local Wildlife Park is conveniently located in a stunning 20-hectare forest overlooking the Hope Bay. With stunning hills and valley as its backdrop, it is hard not to fall in love with this hidden gem of the Caribbean. This privately owned wildlife center is home for various species of trees and plants including wild heliconia, sugarcane, and fruit-bearing trees such as mangoes.

Birdwatching is a must do in Corbin Local Wildlife Park. Various species of birds found refuge in this area where they can freely thrive in their natural environment. Hummingbirds, herons, Manakins, and Jacamars are a common sight. With diverse ecological composition, Corbin Local Wildlife is sure to satisfy your longing for nature and wildlife.


These scenic spots full of ecotourism adventures add more reasons for you to visit Trinidad and Tobago. Truly, they are more than just beaches.

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