Magnificent Madagascar: A Dream Destination for the Wildlife Lover

Madagascar – you’ve definitely heard about it, but how much do you know about it? Although it holds the distinction of being the 4th largest island in the world, it is considered to be a lost continent because of how under-rated it is as a tourist destination. However, once you have stepped foot on this majestic island, you will surely consider it a dream destination, especially for wildlife lovers.

Where is Madagascar

For those unfamiliar with the place, the island nation of Madagascar is situated off the southeastern coast of Africa. Traveling by plane is the most convenient and accessible way to visit this paradise with regular flights throughout the week. In fact, there are direct flights available from Paris, Johannesburg, and other major cities. With the vast selection of airlines to choose from, there’s no reason why you should miss visiting this wildlife-rich island.

Wildlife at its best

Madagascar is a unique destination if you want to be one with nature and experience wildlife. In fact, of all the known species of flora and fauna, 5% can be found in Madagascar and in Madagascar alone. Its lush rainforest has become a haven for diverse species of animals including the popular Madagascar Lemurs. If you are looking for more weird-looking creatures, Madagascar is the place for you. See for yourself the colorful chameleons, eerie fossa which is a cat-like predator, peculiar frogs, and odd-looking insects.

The marine life in Madagascar will always be in every diver’s bucket list. Feel free to swim with turtles and rays. You can also spot various species of sharks and whales especially in the cold months. The seabed is full of blooming coral reefs and tropical fish to fill your eyes with memories you will never forget. The best time to enjoy these irresistible creatures is from the month of October and November.

Bird Watching – a Must Do Activity

The diverse flora and fauna of Madagascar doesn’t end in its lemurs and sea creatures. Bird watching is one of the highlights of every tourist’s visit. With over 280 known species of birds, Madagascar will definitely entice all ornithologists and birding enthusiasts. To make things more interesting, 100 out of these 280 species are endemic or can only be found in Madagascar. To have a better view of these feathered creatures, include Andasibe-Mantadia National Park in your itinerary.

Picture Perfect Landscape

The extraordinary wildlife of Madagascar is complemented by its epic landscapes and outdoor marvels. The island is filled with miles of deserts and rainforests which are home to its diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy the picturesque view of its sandstone canyons, evergreen hills, and limestone formations.

Before the day ends, be sure to visit the Avenue of Baobabs. This is a scenic alley of towering Boabab trees up to 30 meters tall. Would you believe that some of them are already over 800 years old? Finally, experience Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. It is considered by UNESCO as one of the world’s “most unique and unexplored” destinations.

Exploring the Madagascar Water

Surrounded by waters, Madagascar also boasts of a rich marine diversity. Home to a variety of sea creatures, thousands of travelers visit this island to go diving, snorkeling, and mellow surfing. Exploring its underwater paradise is a must do.

The majestic underwater world is matched by stunningly magnificent tropical beaches. Taking a dip is best done in its pristine waters and unforgettable sunset view. To top it all off, you get to enjoy the richness of Madagascar waters with fresh oysters and fishes sold by locals along its coastline.

For those who want some thrill and adventure, there are traditionally carved canoes ready to ferry you into the ocean. With the Indian Ocean as your backdrop, this creates a picture-perfect image that will be forever be etched in your mind.


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