Discovering the Natural Treasures of Borneo

Borneo Eco Tours has over 25 years of experience in providing their clients with the best, personalized and affordable tour packages. They have been dubbed the ‘Borneo’s specialists’ due to their ability to offer over-the-top services while still maintaining a low impact on the environment. This has seen them win multiple awards.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world with over 30 ethnic groups living in the area. The Dayak tribe are the native inhabitants and the members live in the interior of the island. The island is also rich in wildlife, birds, sandy beaches, and breathtaking views. Borneo Eco Tours understands that such beauty shouldn’t go unappreciated and thus they provide the crucial link for visitors looking to learn, have fun, and enjoy their trip to Borneo.

They take care of all your traveling details and accommodation. Their planning consultants ensure that they find the best deals to fit the client’s requests. The consultants take their time to understand your interests and recommend a variety of tours or areas that would highly appeal to your interests. For them, exceeding the client’s expectation by offering top-notch services is their primary goal.

Borneo Eco Tours owns and operates the award-winning eco-lodge, Sukau Rainforest Lodge, which recently unveiled its 20 new luxurious villas. Located on the banks of Kinabatangan River, visitors can witness the abundant wildlife there including the endangered Bornean pygmy elephant and the proboscis monkey. One can also spot eight species of hornbill birds and many more.

The company understands the importance of uplifting the community around them and that’s why they have directed part of their profits to the Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies Society. This is a non-profit division that is highly involved in the implementation of most of the community’s projects like medical camps, capacity building, planting of trees and community-based ecotourism.

The best part of any trip or vacation is the destination one visits and the activities they engage in. Borneo Eco Tours has a wide assortment of tours meant to cater to each person’s interests:

Botany enthusiasts and birders: visiting Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site, Poring hot springs, and the Maliau Basin gives visitors a chance to see the sheer variety of Bornean flora. From orchids, montane trees, to pitcher plants, you will be amazed at the extensive array of plants living here.

Borneo has a whopping 688 species of birds, 58 of which are endemic to the region. Birders can marvel at the beauty of the magnificent birds in the wild. Some of the birds one can see are the black and crimson pitta, the Borneo bristlehead, the Storm’s stork, and the rhinoceros hornbill.

Adventure seekers: whether you like quad biking, taking long nature walks, hiking, diving or boat riding, Borneo Eco Tours have special packages that ensure you quench your thirst for thrilling adventures. There are numerous places to visit for these activities like the Gaya Island rainforest, Tuaran, Pamantangan trail, and Crocker Range.  Conquer one of the greatest mountains in the world, Mount Kinabalu, and get to see the sunrise like you’ve never seen it before.

Wildlife lovers: orang-utans are fascinating apes that share almost 97% of genes with humans. It’s a wondrous experience to be able to see them for yourself. They are mostly found in the Borneo rainforest.

Or go see sun bears. The sun bear is the world’s smallest bear and can be seen at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center.

There are numerous wildlife tours available, and seeing wildlife is a must when visiting Borner.

Historical and cultural learners: most of us are fascinated by the way of life of people who live in areas distant from ours.  Each community has its own history, cultural practices, traditional foods, music and dances. Getting immersed in their way of life is a great way to truly understand them and what they represent. Borneo Eco Tours arranges visits to the night market, the Mari Mari Cultural Village, Kiulu Countryside, Sandakan Heritage and Kota Kinabalu for immersive cultural experiences.

Water and beach lovers: Borneo Eco Tours has tours to surreal island beaches that look like paradise.  There are a lot of water activities to engage in like water rafting in Kiulu, suitable for beginners as they pass through villages and orchards. For more experienced rafters, the Padas Whitewater Spectacular provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a more adrenaline-driven type of fun and excitement.

What do past clients have to say about Borneo Eco Tours?

The company has put a lot of work into ensuring their customers receive the best services. 98% of their clients highly recommend them stating that they are professional, quick to respond to queries, are flexible, friendly, knowledgeable, and their tour guides are respectful and easy to communicate with. One trait that stood out is that they would never cancel or try to convince a client to change their plans just because they were the only ones interested in a particular tour. To them, the need to keep their client satisfied comes first.

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