7 Different Ways to Experience the Amazon Jungle

Have you ever dreamed of going on a special visit to the Amazon jungle? And thought that it would be impossible to access this mysterious place due to the dense flora, dangerous wild animals that live there or the poisonous plants? Well, the Amazon jungle can be dangerous if you’re there alone but it is still accessible for travelers and has many protected reserves that will astound and amaze you once you visit them.

In this article, I will give you the 7 best activities to consider doing should ever visit the Amazon.


The best activity to discover the wide diversity of flora and fauna in the Amazon rainforest is hiking, take a pair of well-sealed boots and start enjoying your walk inside the woods. Do not forget your binoculars as they will help you reach the most beautiful birds of the world. Actually, the Amazon houses 1/5 of birds in the world as well as 1/3 of all species. It means that you will meet the most astonishing creatures in this jungle.

4×4 drive

The Amazon jungle is known with its rough roads and natural-made driveways. For this reason, many people prefer 4×4 drives to explore the biodiversity of the magnificent Amazonian ecosystem. It is a great alternative to walking if you want to save time and go deeper into the wild.

River cruise

Visiting the Amazon without taking a river cruise is not really possible. I mean, how can you go to the world’s most famous river without taking a cruise on it? Besides, all the tours in Amazon use boats to access to some places. This will be a river cruise of a lifetime as you will have the time to practice piranha fishing, swimming and sleeping in hammocks.


You will find more than thousand rivers in the Amazon, and you will run for water to cool down from tropical heat. How about kayaking in the morning with an experienced bilingual guide who will take you to amazing places and show you the hidden treasures of the rainforest? Tourists say that this is a top attraction if you want a memorable adventure.

Horseback riding

Fans of horses won’t miss this interesting activity when they pay a visit to the Amazon. Many tours offer horseback riding services with the best local breeds of horses that will give you a one-of-a-kind tour of the rainforest.

Canopy Bridge Walk

Walking on a 25m (85 feet) long forest bridge may be frightening but the canopy bridge is held by 14 trees and equipped with all the necessities to make it safe making it the longest forest bridge in the world (500m long). This attraction can be found in the Pacaya Samiria national reserve and we highly recommend you to try a walk on the canopy bridge because you will have a wide view of the marvelous ecosystem of Amazonia.

Visiting a local community

Your trip to the amazon can never be complete without visiting the local communities that live there. You will meet a lot of people that spent their life in a closed society within the borders of the jungle. The kids go to school, women take care of the village and men go on hunting. You will be amazed by the kindness and hospitality of these people.


With all these possibilities, one could say the Amazon offers one of the greatest wildlife trips on Earth.

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